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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

120 4th Street

Year Built:
120 4th Street
Architectural Style:
Neo-Classical Revival
James A. Wetmore, Supervising Architect for the federal government/ N.P. Severin Company of Chicago, contractor
Historic Name:
Federal and Territorial Building/ Alaska State Capitol Building
Historic Use:
public/ government
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Peak Gold Mining Era 1921-1944
Parcel Number:
Juneau Townsite

Additional Information

General Description

A five-story, brick faced reinforced concrete structure on the upper stories and Indiana limestone on the lower level. It has a concrete foundation and the walls are brick and limestone. Interior trim utilizes light and dark Tokeen marble from quarries of Tokeen, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Features include limestone pilasters, a monumental portico with four granite columns of the Tuscan order and a stone balustrated parapet with plain entablature. There are decorative metal transoms over the main entry doors.

Historical Information

Completed on February 2, 1931, the building known than as the Alaska Territorial Capital Building was partially built with subscriptions from the people of Juneau. The U.S. Government appropriation for the construction of the building did not include site acquisition. In 1911 the federal government purchased the northern half of Block 19 from the Presbyterian Board of Missions. Juneau residents purchased the southern half of Block 19, and donated the property to the federal government. Construction was completed in 1931. The Alaska Statehood Act, 1958, transferred ownership of the building from the Federal Government to the State.

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