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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

132 6th Street

Year Built:
132 6th Street
Architectural Style:
Other/ Juneau Miner
Historic Name:
Davis House 1
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Initial Development Era 1883-1911
Parcel Number:
Juneau Townsite

Additional Information

General Description

The building is wood frame with one-and-one-half stories. It has a steeply pitched roof with a gable front. In 1988, it featured a partial width front porch with a chamfered enclosure with a bay window and centered front entry. The house has since been altered and the bay window removed and replaced with the front entrance. A second bay window was added to the attic story. The structure contains modest Craftsman style design references such as the gable front and hip roofed porch.

Historical Information

The pioneer Juneau Davis family has lived in Juneau over forty years, making contributions in business, art, and community leadership. Married in 1892, Frances and J.Montgomery Davis built a home at 202 Sixth Street in what was then a dense wood. There were no streets, lights or water and all lumber had to be carried to the building site. The Davis family built portions of Sixth Street so that horse and wagons could reach their home. They brought and improved property nearby to be sold or rented. The house at 132 Sixth Street was built in about 1894 near the present site of Capital School. To make room for the Frances House, which was moved from the Capital School site to its present location, this house was transported up the hill to this location.

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