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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

165 S. Franklin Street

Year Built:
165 S. Franklin Street
Architectural Style:
Late Victorian
Historic Name:
Alaskan Hotel
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
preserved/ contributing
Historic Period:
Territorial Gov
Parcel Number:
Juneau Downtown Historic District

Additional Information

General Description

The three-story structure measures 48' x 90'. It has a concrete foundation and a basement. The roof is flat with a slight pitch. Two massive bay windows extend from the roof eaves to the overhang of the two main front entrances. The bay windows have their own roof line which is extended across the face of the building. The grouping of the front windows encompasses much of the second and third floors. The first floor has storefront windows, the second and third have double hung windows and transom windows above the sidewalk canopy. The roof line features a decorative fascia with dentils. There is a wood stringcourse over the transom windows. There is a low-rising front parapet with cornices on the overhang below roof. Elaborate and heavy woodwork is on the first floor and there are corner pilasters.

Historical Information

It is the oldest hotel in continuous operation in Juneau. Originally named the Alaskan, the name was changed to the Northlander only later to be renamed the Alaskan in 1977. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Alaskan was for many years the leading hostelry in the Territorial Capital. Opened in September 1913, the hotel owners boasted that it was a "pocket edition" of any of the best hotels on the pacific coast. The 46 room hotel featured a men's grill, ladies' grill, a bar and a big electric sign on the roof visible to incoming Steamships.

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