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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

127 N. Franklin Street

Year Built:
127 N. Franklin Street
Architectural Style:
Art Modern with Art Deco influences
D.M. McDonald Seattle architect; A. W. Quist Seattle contractor
Historic Name:
Baranof Hotel
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
preserved/ contributing
Historic Period:
Peak Gold Mining Era 1921-1944
Parcel Number:
Juneau Downtown Historic District

Additional Information

General Description

The irregular-shaped, nine-story building measures 176' x 48'. It has a two-way reinforced concrete post-and-beam structural system. The roof is flat. The first floor has storefront windows and the other floors have double hung windows Ornate Art Deco grill work is over the Franklin Street entrance. Originally built with six floors, three floors were added in 1970. The first-floor storefront granite facade was renovated in 1985. Detailing of the exterior concrete walls consisted of a series of banding with sculptured block panels running vertically above the entryway to the sixth floor. There is a sidewalk canopy. The hotel has undergone two major modifications and several small renovations. In 1985, owners renovated the marquee to a design similar to the original.

Historical Information

One of the first structures in Alaska to be constructed entirely of reinforced concrete, it was the first building in Alaska to use a two-way reinforced concrete post-and-beam structural system. Originally a six-story building, when it opened it was a true luxury hotel with 96 rooms, and 33 apartments. The main floor housed a spacious lobby, specialty and gift shops, coffee shop, cocktail lounge-bar and banquet rooms. The basement contained a large beauty parlor, library, barber shop, showers and locker rooms for men and women. A glittering crowd of over 400 people representing every section of Alaska attended the gala dedication of the hotel on March 10, 1939 - a testament to Juneau's continuing prosperity. In 1970, the hotel was remodeled to its current nine floors.

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