City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

Juneau Townsite

Historic NameAddressCBJ #Link
Engstrom Building111-113 West Third Streetview property
Juneau and Douglas Telephone Company204 Main Streetview property
Juneau Motor Company11 Egan Driveview property
Alexander House120 West First Streetview property
Percy Reynolds House116 West First Streetview property
De Vighne/ Dapcevich House505 Franklin StreetB-01view property
Bishop/ Conn Apartments265 5th StreetB-02view property
Giovanetti540 Calhoun AvenueB-03view property
Frances House137 6th StreetB-04view property
Behrends House124 W. 5th StreetB-05view property
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church326 5th StreetB-06view property
McGrath Building/ Stroller214 2nd StreetB-07view property
John Olds House113 W. 5th StreetB-09view property
Davis House 1132 6th StreetB-10view property
Marshall House108 6th StreetB-11view property
Marshall Flats609 Main StreetB-12view property
William Ebner House340 Franklin StreetB-13view property
Shattuck Building210 3rd StreetB-14view property
B.M. Behrends Bank/ Post Office232 Seward StreetB-15view property
Martin/ Stevens House521 Seward StreetB-16view property
IOOF Silver Bow Lodge201 N. Franklin StreetB-17view property
Mission Presbyterian Church/ Christian Science Church430 Main StreetB-18view property
George/ Davis House526 Seward StreetB-19view property
Mullen House526 Main StreetB-20view property
Petit/ Skuse House605 Franklin StreetB-21view property
MacKinnon Apartments236 3rd StreetB-22view property
Willis-Davis House114 6th StreetB-23view property
William Garside House120 W. 6th StreetB-24view property
Carlson/ Flory House416 6th StreetB-25view property
Messerschmidt Building/ Silverbow Inn120 2nd StreetB-26view property
Juneau Memorial Library114 w. 4th streetB-28view property
J.M. Davis House202 6th StreetB-29view property
Federal and Territorial Building/ Alaska State Capitol Building120 4th StreetB-30view property
St. Ann416 5th StreetB-31view property
Jaeger House418 4th StreetB-32view property
Spickett Apartments315 5th StreetB-33view property
Davis House II136 6th StreetB-34view property
Davis House III226 6th StreetB-35view property
Davis House IV232 6th StreetB-36view property
Davis House V236 6th StreetB-37view property
Davis House VI312 6th StreetB-38view property
Davis House VII312A 6th StreetB-39view property
Davis House VIII312B 6th StreetB-40view property
Wollenberg/ Messerschmidt/ Vander Leest House525 Main StreetB-42view property
Sowerby House533 Main StreetB-43view property
Ambrose Hile House128 6th StreetB-44view property
Bothwell House426 Main StreetB-45view property
Brunner/ Orenshaw House326 6th StreetB-46view property
Semple/ Guyot House618 Gold StreetB-47view property
Semple/ Wyller House604 Gold StreetB-48view property
Conner House325 6th StreetB-49view property
Museth/ Rosenberg House319 6th StreetB-50view property
Jensen Apartments305 6th StreetB-51view property
Alvin Goldstein/ Warner House525 Franklin StreetB-52view property
Capital School129 6th StreetB-53view property
Klein Building206 N. Franklin StreetB-54view property
Carstens Building224 Seward StreetB-55view property
Assembly Apartments Building211 4th StreetB-56view property
Dickinson House336 Gold StreetB-57view property
Kaser House328 Gold StreetB-58view property
Andersen House325 4th StreetB-59view property
Bethel Tabernacle Building339 Franklin StreetB-60view property
Colonial Rooms324 2nd StreetB-61view property
Connors House224 Gold StreetB-62view property
McCloskey House234 Gold StreetB-63view property
Sisters of St. Ann1325 3rd StreetB-64view property
Sisters of St. Ann2323 3rd StreetB-65view property
Pulver House315 3rd StreetB-66view property
Miller-Gillen House 1299 N. Franklin StreetB-67view property
Miller-Gillen House 2233 Franklin StreetB-68view property
William Winn House229 Franklin StreetB-69view property
Hellenthal/ Grisham House424 4th StreetB-70view property
Williams-Livie House408 Gold StreetB-71view property
Williams-Sey House416 Gold StreetB-72view property
Kirk House 1426 Gold StreetB-73view property
Kirk House 2432 Gold StreetB-74view property
Kirk House 3339 5th StreetB-75view property
Fifth Avenue Apartments329 5th StreetB-76view property
Scottish Rite Temple206 4th StreetB-77view property
Bishop House424 Franklin StreetB-79view property
McMaughton House229 5th StreetB-80view property
Kaher House 1217 5th StreetB-81view property
Kaher House 2437 Seward StreetB-82view property
Kaher House 3431 Seward StreetB-83view property
Kaher House 4423 Seward StreetB-84view property
Lowe/ DeArmond House422 Calhoun AvenueB-85view property
Feldon/ Kendler Aprtments410 Calhoun AvenueB-86view property
Russell House622 Calhoun AvenueB-87view property
Telephone Hill/Courthouse Hill"South of 3rd Street, bordered by Main Street, Willoughby Avenue and Egan Drive"D-01view property
Edward Webster House135-139 W. Second StreetD-02view property
Bosch-Carrigan House214 Dixon StreetD-03view property
Peterson-Kasnick House203 W. Third StreetD-04view property
Bayless-Powers House211 Dixon StreetD-05view property
Martin-Johnston House128 Dixon StreetD-06view property
Worthen-Hurley House125 Dixon StreetD-07view property
Augustus Brown House124 Dixon StreetD-08view property
Kodzoff House107-109 W. First StreetD-09view property

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