City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

Downtown Historic District

Historic NameAddressCBJ #Link
C.W. Young Building/ Ace Hardware113 S. Seward StreetA-01view property
Dispatch Building/ Gross Apartments307 S. Franklin StreetA-02view property
Blomgren Building231 Front StreetA-03view property
Crescent Apartments373 S. Franklin StreetA-04view property
Flag of All Nations Cabin Site119 Second StreetA-05view property
Germania Dance Hall and Saloon162 S. Franklin StreetA-06view property
Guffy Building159 S. Franklin StreetA-07view property
Brunswick/ Harrisburg Building289 S. Franklin StreetA-08view property
Koosher Building130 Seward StreetA-09view property
Korkornen Rooming House/ Glory Hole241 S. Franklin StreetA-10view property
Fashion Building/ Lucky Lady Saloon190 S. Franklin StreetA-11view property
Kubach-Studebaker Building/ I.B.E.W. Building124 Front StreetA-12view property
Missouri Saloon/ Stocker Building (Imperial Café and Bar)241 Front StreetA-13view property
Jorgenson225 Front StreetA-14view property
New York Tavern/ The Rendezvous184 S. Franklin StreetA-15view property
Northway Building431 S. Franklin StreetA-16view property
Occidental Bar (Miner432 S. Franklin StreetA-17view property
Goldstein Store/ Filipino Community Hall249 S. Franklin StreetA-18view property
Scandinavian Rooms/ Summit Hotel455 S. Franklin StreetA-19view property
Alaska Steamship Company Dock Site/ People356 S. Franklin StreetA-20view property
Lewis Building/ First National Bank Building140 Front StreetA-21view property
Juneau Liquor Co./ Percy214 Front StreetA-22view property
Valentine Building/ Juneau Drug Co.119 Front StreetA-23view property
20th Century Gross Building220 Front StreetA-24view property
Triangle Building108 S. Franklin StreetA-25view property
Seward Building145 S. Franklin StreetA-26view property
Goldstein Building130 Seward StreetA-27view property
Hellenthal Building/ Palace Theater (First National Bank/Big City Books)228 Front StreetA-28view property
J and E Building/ New Cain Hotel (Gastineau Hotel)127 S. Franklin StreetA-29view property
Baranof Hotel127 N. Franklin StreetA-30view property
Alaska Steam Laundry/ Emporium170 S. Franklin StreetA-31view property
Alaskan Hotel165 S. Franklin StreetA-32view property
Madsen365 S. Franklin StreetA-33view property
Decker Building231 S. Franklin StreetA-34view property
Elks Hall109 S. Franklin StreetA-35view property
Senate Building175 S. Franklin StreetA-36view property
Juneau Cold Storage356 S. Franklin StreetA-37view property
Winter and Pond Building/ Triangle Bar249 Front StreetA-38view property
Alaska Electric Light and Power Building134 Franklin StreetA-39view property
Juneau Laundry Building112 N. Franklin StreetA-40view property
Theile Bldg/ El Sombrero157 S. Franklin StreetA-41view property
Jaeger Building I (Alaska Fudge Company)195 S. Franklin StreetA-42view property
Arctic Poolroom/ Arctic Bar148 S. Franklin StreetA-45view property
Graves Building/ Latitude 58170 S. Franklin StreetA-46view property
Goldstein Building (Orpheum)245 Marine WayA-49view property
Warner Building (Alaska Litho)406 S. Franklin StreetA-51view property
Waterfront building/ Scandinavian Grocery (People356 S. Franklin StreetA-52view property
Boroff House425 S. Franklin StreetA-56view property

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