CBJ Community Development Department

Comprehensive Plan

During their regular public meeting on August  12, 2008, the Planning Commission recommended that the Assembly adopt the Draft 2008 Comprehensive Plan.

The Assembly adopted the 2008 Comprehensive Plan of the City and Borough of Juneau during their October 20, 2008 meeting, under Ordinance 2008-30.

Copies of the adopted plan will be published and will be available for review at the Downtown, Douglas, and Mendenhall Valley Public Libraries, and will be available for purchase in the CBJ Permit Center on the 4th floor of the Marine View Center, 230 S. Franklin St.  

The plan is available here: 2008 Comprehensive Plan

**Please note that the maps on pages 169-190 may not display properly on your computer if the required fonts are not installed on your computer.**

Typical problems with display include:

-Symbol for "Beach Access" may appear as a dollar sign instead of a triangle;

-Symbols for "Existing School" and "Potential School Location" may appear as bell-like shapes on their sides and that shape within a circle, respectively;

-On Map M only (page 181), the symbols for "Alaska State Capitol" and "Future State Capitol Site" may appear as a jumble of several characters instead of as solid and hollow stars, respectively;

-Symbols for mountain peaks on the Watershed, Scenic Corridor/Viewshed, and Hazard maps (pages 189-190) may appear as dollar signs instead of as triangles.

With the exception of the mountain peaks on pages 189-190, all other symbols will display in both the map legend and within the maps as the same symbol, even if the symbol displayed is not the intended symbol: therefore, the maps will still be legible and meaningful, they just won't appear as intended.   Please contact the Community Development Department at 907-586-0715 to report any additional display problems that you encounter with the Comprehensive Plan maps.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause--CBJ staff attempted to rectify this problem and were unable to correct it in a reasonable amount of time.  If a solution is found, the Comprehensive Plan will be re-posted at that time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact Ben Lyman with comments or questions at 586-0758 or at benjamin_lyman@ci.juneau.ak.us.