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Capital City Fire/Rescue

12-26-2012 Structure Fire Response - 361 Distin Avenue - Fosbee Apartments

On Wednesday, December 26, 2012, at approximately 4:45PM, Capital City Fire Rescue responded to 361 Distin Avenue, the Fosbee Apartments, for an automatic fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, fire personnel were advised that there was smoke inside of the structure. Fire personnel were able to determine that there was an electrical fire on the second floor. There were two separate apartments that had hot spots inside of the walls. Fire personnel cut holes into the walls to make sure there was no active fire. Attempts were made to restore the power back to the building and isolate the power from the fire floor, but that was unsuccessful. The main power disconnect to the buidling was malfunctioning and fire personnel decided to have the buidling evacuated for the night until an electrician could repair the problem before letting tenants reside in the buidling. The Emegency Programs Manager for CBJ was on site and coordinating with the American Red Cross to find alternative housing for the displaced residents. The Capital City Fire Marshal's Office will be working with the Building Department and the owner for complaince with fire and life safety issues with the building. It is believed that the fire that occured on Christmas Eve may have been caused by a power surge due to electrical problems in the buidling. Submitted by: Fire Marshal Daniel Jager

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