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Capital City Fire/Rescue

State Court House Alarm and Reporting Delay

On January 15, 2009 at approximately 1348 hours, CCFR received a report of fire alarms ringing at the State Court House at 123 Fourth Street. The report came in from an occupant of the building. It was reported the fire alarms were ringing for an unknown period of time before the Fire Department was contacted. The alarm panel reported sprinkler water flow on multiple floors. This may be an indicator of a fire traveling through a building or a water surge in the sprinkler system. The Fire Department searched the building and found no evidence of a fire. The alarm panel was reset. The cause was determined to be from a water surge in the sprinkler system. There was no damage to the building during this incident. The CBJ Fire Marshal is investigating the delay in the alarm reporting to 911. (A recorded version of this press release is available on the media line at 586-0265)

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