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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Breakwater Hotel Fire

On 11-2-08 at 0148 hours, CCFR responded to a fire alarm at the Breakwater Hotel on Glacier Hwy. On arrival, no alarms were found ringing as the system had been silenced by the building owners. The investigation team found light smoke on the second floor and reactivated the fire alarm to evacuate the occupants. The Investigation Team continued to search the building and found heavy smoke in the basement laundry room. A fire was found, contained to one of the commercial duty dryers and it was quickly extinguished. Fire crews spent the next hour removing smoke from the building. The occupants were allowed to return to their rooms. Damage to the dryer is estimated at $2500.00 and there were no injuries. CCFR would like to remind people not to silence a fire alarm until the entire building has been searched and the Fire Department has found that there is no fire. If you are in a building and the fire alarm is ringing proceed to your closest exit and wait for the alarm to be cleared. Remaining in the building may place you in danger and it ties up available firefighters to locate you and make sure you are accounted for. Fire Marshal Jager is continuing his investigation.

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