City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

Capital City Fire/Rescue

Spring Safety

Spring is here and people are out enjoying the break in the weather. With that comes some new hazards. During the early spring the dead dry grass poses a hazard of small fires getting out of control very quickly. These are commonly caused by backyard burning, kids playing with fire, and cigarettes. This hazard will diminish once the green grass has fully sprouted. Please be fire safe. This time of year the lake ice around Juneau is extremely dangerous. Most people have the common sense to stay off the ice. Unfortunately many of our dogs do not. Please keep dogs under control when playing near ice. We routinely see where an animal falls through the ice and people go in after them to help. This is a recipe for disaster. If this occurs, call 911 and keep encouraging the animal. Do not go on the ice to attempt to rescue them as you too can quickly become a victim. Have a safe and pleasant spring.

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