City and Borough of Juneau
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Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Juneau Fire & Arson Joint Task Force - UPDATE 4/5/2012

The Juneau Fire & Arson Joint Task Force, which is comprised of the Capital City Fire Marshals and Detectives from the Juneau Police Department, have solved five separate intentionally set fire cases in the Juneau area. The fires occurred in the downtown Juneau area over the past four months. The suspect, which was tracked down by use of video surveillance at a recent fire, was identified as a 7 year old male. The young boy admitted to setting two fires in a commercial structure, an elementary school and an outdoor grass area. Damage from all of these fires is estimated at approximately $1,000.00. This was made possible by collective teamwork from both fire and police departments as well as members of the public who provided details and information on identifying the young boy.

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