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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Fire at Smith hall March 24, 2017

On Friday March 24, 2017 at 6:03 pm CCFR responded to a fire in an apartment at Smith Hall at 8619 Teal st. There was an electrical fire in room 303. A light fixture on the ceiling had started a small fire and the fluorescent light tube fell off the fixture onto the floor. The fire was extinguished by the building responsible with a fire extinguisher. There was smoke in the 3rd floor building hallway and the fire crew ventilated the smoke with our Positive Pressure Fan. There was minor fire damage to the ceiling, floor and cabinet. There was smoke damage in the apartment and 3rd floor building hallway. Estimated damage of $2000. There were no injuries of the building occupants or our CCFR members. The Red Cross arrived on scene to assist with the building occupants. Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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