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Capital City Fire/Rescue

UPDATE: James Blvd Fire

The Capital City Fire Marshal's Office completed a fire investigation of a fire that occurred at the 9200 Block of James Blvd. The fire was confined to a commercial clothes dryer appliance inside of a laundry room area. The cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion from cotton cloth dish rags that were used in a kitchen that most likely had cooking oil in the material. The drying process heated the rags to a point of ignition and the fire occurred. Capital City Fire Rescue wants to remind people that it is not recommended to use cloth rags for cleaning up cooking oil or similar messes in the kitchen. The washing machine may not get all of the oil out of the cloth material which can cause ignition when heated up in a clothes dryer. Instead, it is recommended to use paper towels to soak up those types of messes. And if you are cleaning up linseed oil, be extra cautious when discarding the cleaning materials as that is known to cause spontaneous combustion as well. Submitted By: Fire Marshal Daniel Jager

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