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Capital City Fire/Rescue

3 lost hikers at the Mendenhall Glacier July 22

On Friday July 22nd AST requested CCFR to help retrieve 3 lost hikers from the West glacier trail. Because of the low clouds and bad weather, they were not able to find the trail back to the west glacier parking lot. They were able to call for help via cellphone. They were instructed to walk down to the beach. Our jet boat went out to pick up the 2 males and 1 female by the beach in front of the ice caves. They were wet and cold but no injuries. They were safely returned back to shore. Reminder to all hikers that the weather can change at any time. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back Bring appropriate gear. Clothes, hiking boots and emergency gear Bring food and water in case you need to be out longer than anticipated A separate GPS with spare battery A fully charged cellphone or satellite phone Plan your trip. Check the weather and if possible take someone who is familiar with the trail. Be safe Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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