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Capital City Fire/Rescue

6-19-2016 Residential Structure Fire Wood Duck Avenue

On Sunday, June 19, 2016, at approximately 3:48 PM, Capital City Fire rescue responded to 4449 Wood Duck Avenue for a residential structure fire. While responding, a large column of dark smoke was seen from a mile away. Upon arrival, fire personnel found an outdoor, detached storage shed fully involved with fire. The fire had spread to a wooden fence and nearby trees. The heat was enough to melt vinyl siding on one side of the duplex, and burned part of the exterior deck and roof structure on the other side. The fire was quickly extinguished, all occupants of the duplex were safely evacuated and there were no reported injuries. Capital City Fire Rescue was responding to multiple emergencies across the city at the same time as this fire and resources were tapped. The fire marshal's office conducted a fire origin and cause investigation immediately after the fire was extinguished. The cause of the fire is determined to be most likely due to discarded charcoal that was used for a BBQ the night before. There was approximately $3,000 in damage however the large duplex was saved from the fire due to help from neighbors who were trying to keep the fire from spreading with the use of garden hoses. Capital City Fire Rescue wants to remind everyone to use extra caution with outdoor fires and BBQ's. When you are done cooking, be sure the fire is completely out with the use of water. Place all charcoal in a metal container and use water to make sure any hot embers or coals are out. Submitted by: Fire Marshal Daniel Jager

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