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Capital City Fire/Rescue

CPR saved Tourist

On June 14th, at 5:50 pm Capital City fire rescue responded for an Emergency medical call at the Mendenhall visitor center for a possible cardiac arrest. A 60ish year old male from out of town was visiting the Mendenhall glacier with his family. He suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk. Another tourist bystander and the Forest Service personnel started CPR. Other Forest Service personnel brought an Automatic External defibrillator to the subject and the electrodes were applied. The AED indicated a shock was needed and was automatically delivered. The male responded to the shock and was able to be revived. By the time the fire department arrived he was able to talk and respond to the medics. He was transported to the hospital and later medevac out of town. This was another great save by the public because of bystander CPR and the use of AED. If you are interested in learning how to perform CPR and use an AED, there are several agencies that teach the class. American Red Cross and Southeast Fire Extinguisher service to name a few. Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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