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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Foster Ave House fire

On Monday April 11, 2016 at 3:16pm Capital City fire rescue was dispatch to the 3000 block of Foster ave for a 3 story residential home with fire in the top floor. First fire engine crew arrived and found smoke coming from the eaves and top floor of the house. The fire crews laid a hoseline to the 3rd floor of the house and quickly extinguished the fire. The fire had started in the master bedroom closet. The homeowner was doing some cleaning and had moved a rug over a shoe polishing machine. It accidently started it and the machine started a fire. The homeowner attempted to move the rug and was injured in the process. He was transported with minor injuries to the hospital. There is fire and smoke damage to the house. Because of the quick extinguishment of the fire crews, fire was confined to the closet with smoke and water damage to the rest of the house. Over $35,000 worth of damage occurred. But we were able to save the main portion of the house. Saving value of $575,000 There was a renter in the house who was able to return back to his rental unit. No injuries were reported by the fire crews. Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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