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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Kitchen fire extinguished by a fire extinguiher

At Sunday night on February 14, at 7:15 pm Capital City Fire Rescue received a call for smoke coming from an apartment complex at the 2200 block of Crow hill. Capital City fire rescue responded. At 7:15 pm there was a report of an individual had jumped from a window and flames were visible in the apartment. The first Fire apparatus arrived and found no flames visible. The fire crews went inside the apartment complex to investigate and found there had been a kitchen fire from a pot that was on the stove. There was smoke but no flames in the apartment complex. The apartment was ventilated by the fire crew. It appeared that a pot had caught on fire. A bystander was able to remove the pot that was on fire to the outside of the complex. But there still remained flames on the cook top. It was fortunate that the building responsible had place on top of the stove, portable stovetop “firestop” mini fire extinguishers. The mini fire extinguisher was able to extinguish the rest of the fire. The fire was confined to the cook top. There was no extension of the fire and only soot was visible on the kitchen ceiling. Because of the quick action of the bystander and extinguishment from the fire extinguisher, fire damage was kept to a minimum. The family of 5 living in the apartment was able to return back inside their apartment. There were 16 units that were attached in the apartment complex. The building was saved, at a estimated value of apartment complex at $3.2 million dollars and many families were able to go back to their homes that same evening. Estimate damage at $250. No injuries occurred. Reported by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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