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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Mendenhall Lake rescue

ON Monday November 23, 2015 @ 1145am CCFR received a call about a dog that fallen thru the ice at the west side of Mendenhall Lake. CCFR responded with an Engine, medic unit and All-Terrain vehicles. We were met by the Forest Service Law enforcement and Juneau Police Dept on scene. Apparently the dog owner had attempted to retrieve the dog but was unable to get to the animal. A bystander who was in the area had walked out to the ice and into the water. He was able to get the dog back onto the ice where it was reunited with the owner. The good Samaritan was then able to crawl back onto the ice where he was assisted by the Forest Service officer and JPD. CCFR used our ATV to retrieve the patient. The medic unit met the individual where he was evaluated for hypothermia. He did not have any injuries and was taken back to his car at the parking lot. Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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