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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Possible Chimney fire at Governor's Mansion

On Wednesday November 4, 2015 @ 0843am Capital City Fire Rescue responded to the Governorís Mansion for a possible Chimney fire. Crews arrived and found light smoke had filled the basement and 1st floor. But there was no active fire found. Apparently they had cleaned out the upper fireplace and pushed some embers down the ash dump chute to the ash pit of the clean out box. There the embers had started smoldering with other unburned firewood in the clean out box. The materials were removed and did not cause any damage to the building. Only staff members were in the building. All units were cleared at 9:00am This is a reminder to clean out your woodstove chimney at least once a year to remove any build-up of creosote. This will reduce the chance of a chimney fire. Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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