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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Rescue at Eagle Beach

On Monday July 13th, Capital City Fire Rescue received a call for a young male at a beach that his legs were trapped under a large boulder. He was located between eagle beach and Amalga Harbor. Apparently the young male was at the beach when a large boulder fell down and pinned his legs. He was conscious and alert. The fire department responded with multiple units and the rescue boat. Several Firefighter EMTs and equipment responded to the boys scout trailhead and was transported by the boys scout camp personnel to the accident site. Another set of firefighter medics launched the fire department rescue boat with medical gear at Amalga harbor and met the rest of the rescue team at the beach. The first team used air lift bags and wood cribbing to lift the large boulder that weighted approximately several thousand pounds off the patientís legs. The second team provided medical care until the medevac helicopter arrived to transport the patient and medics to Bartlett Memorial Hospital. Approximately 12 fire department members responded to the rescue. We were at the rescue scene for approximately 2 hours. Report by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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