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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Mt. Roberts rescue

At 1703 Capital City Fire Rescue responded to Mt Roberts for an injured female hiker that had slipped and fell. CCFR crew and special teams responded via the Mt Roberts tram and hiked up the mountain. The rescue crew was able to locate the subject. The female subject was off the main trail and the crew was able to assist the subject from her location back onto the main trail and down to the waiting ambulance. 2 other people that were family members that were not lost were also assisted down the trail to the waiting ambulance. The 3 people were able to walk from the trail onto waiting ambulance. All 3 were evaluated and only 1 member of the family had non-critical injury that was transported to BRH. All 3 were also evaluated for hypothermia. The family members were visitors from out of state. The operation concluded at 2030. Report by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto.

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