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Capital City Fire/Rescue

UPDATE: Residential Structure Fire - 4390- Glacier Highway

The Capital City Fire Marshal's Office is still investigating the cause of the fire that occured on Friday July 25, 2014 at 4390 Glacier Highway. A follow up investigation was conducted this afternoon and revealed a couple of key facts regarding the structure. Due to the entire roof being removed for major renovation work, and only being covered by a plastic covering, the fire was allowed to progress very fast. There were several windows missing due to the renovation work, which helped create the natural chimney effect and rapidly consumed the house prior to fire personnel arriving. The interior of the house was all exposed wood, there was no fire resistant drywall in place to have helped confine the fire at all. The owner stated that the estimated dollar loss of all personal items was approximately $10,000. Most of the families personal and household items were in a storage unit off site. The fire marshal's office is still investigating the actual cause of this fire. Submitted by: Fire Marshal Daniel Jager

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