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Capital City Fire/Rescue

6-13-2014 Residential Structure Fire - 9367 North Nouglas Highway

On Friday, June 13, 2014, at 8PM, Capital City Fire Rescue responded to 9367 North Douglas Highway for a residential structure fire. Upon arrival, fire personnel found smoke coming out of the roof eaves and crawlspace of a two story log cabin. The fire was quickly extinguished and mostly confined to the crawlspace. The occupant, who was home at the time, smelled smoke and looked outside and saw flames from the crawlspace. He called 911 and tried to use a garden hose to knock down most of the fire. The fire marshal has determined the cause of the fire to be the cabin wiring that may have arced and ignited the polyurethane foam insulation and plastic vapor barrier in the crawlspace. Damage is estimated at approximately $5,000 and it is unknown if the structure was insured.

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