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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Residential Structure Fire - 9446 Carol Place - 4/20/2014

On Sunday, April 20, 2014, at approximately 3:30 PM, Capital City Fire Rescue was dispatched to 9446 Carol Place for a possible garage fire. Upon arrival of fire personnel, contact was made with the homeowners who stated everyone was out of the house and that they thought the fire may be in the garage. They had used a garden hose to knock the fire down but it was not completely extinguished. Fire personnel cut a hole in the roof and found the fire smoldering and extinguished it. The home sustained approximately $3,000 in damage. The home was insured. The fire marshal conducted an investigation and determined the cause of the fire was due to discarded smoking materials being placed in a plastic coffee container. The plastic melted and ignited, traveled vertically up the exterior wall and into the roof eave and into the attic space. There were additional medical calls occurring during this incident and were handled with volunteer members assistance.

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