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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Commercial Structure Fire - Alaskan Hotel 11-9-2013

Saturday, November 09, 2013 at approximately 0116 hours CCFR responded to a report of smoke in the building at the Alaskan Hotel at 167 South Franken Street. Fire crews from all districts responded to the scene. A fire was located in the concealed wall spaces in and support structure at the front of the building. The building was evacuated of all occupants. Fire crews opened up the wall from the basement and the exterior of the building. The fire and charred wood was removed from the structure. The 45 room hotel is a 100 year old wood framed structure with many void spaces. Fires in these void spaces can travel throughout the building undetected. This fire was very similar to the on that occurred on November 11, 2002 from discarded smoking materials. Damage was estimated at 2,500.00. There were no reported injuries and all of the occupants were displaced for approximately an hour. The fire was caused by carelessly discarded smoking materials.

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