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Fire Marshal's Office


Pre-Inspection Checklist

Fire inspectors look at many items in your place of business. So that you may have a better idea and understanding of what to keep an eye on in regard to maintenance, we have provided the following checklist:



  • Unlock all public exit doors during business hours.
  • Remove difficult-to-use locks or latches on non-public doors that     affect ease of egress during an emergency.
  • Remove obstructions, combustible materials and/or flammable   liquids from exits, exit enclosures, and from beneath non-enclosed exterior stairways.
  • Repair or maintain exit doors and hardware to operate properly.
  • Remove combustible materials from beneath un-protected interior
  • stairways.
  • Provide exit signs with letters at least 6” high on a contrasting background.


  • Provide or repair illuminated exit signs
  • Provide and test emergency lighting for exits, aisles, corridors and stairways.


  • Post signs indicating location where extinguishers are not readily visible.
  • Provide extinguisher(s) suitable for the hazard.
  • Mount fire extinguishers where readily available
  • Portable fire extinguishers are due for annual maintenance. Service tag, (by state licensee) shall be placed on each extinguisher annually.


  • Discontinue use of extension cords. Extension cords shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring, nor shall they be exposed to physical or environmental damage.
  • Provide clearance and access to electrical panels.
  • Electrical wiring that is modified or damaged shall be corrected
  • Discontinue use of non-approved multi-plug adapters.
  • Approved covers shall be provided for all electrical boxes. Open wiring splices shall be prohibited.


  • Post and enforce “No Smoking” signs in hazard areas.
  • Remove storage to at least 18” below level of sprinkler head deflectors, 24” if unsprinklered, 36” for high piled storage
  • Storage of combustible waste is to be orderly and/or in approved containers and away from heat sources.
  • Clean grease from filters and hood/duct system.
  • Maintain storage of combustibles 2 feet or more below the ceiling.
  • Material susceptible to spontaneous ignition, such as oily rags, shall be stored in a listed disposal container.
  • No storage in boiler, mechanical and electrical equipment rooms.
  • Dumpsters (larger than 1.5 cu. yards) shall not be placed within 5 feet of combustible walls, openings or roof eave lines.
  • Secure compressed gas cylinders in an upright position and identify with name of product.


  • Storage in excess of 10 gallons shall be in approved liquid storage cabinets
  • Storage of the less-than-10 gallons shall be in approved containers.


  • Provide 4” high (minimum) address numbers of contrasting color to their background and visible from the street.
  • Remove obstructions and/or provide access in fire lanes.
  • Maintain access to and operation of standpipes, sprinkler valves, hydrants, and other fire protection equipment.
  • FDC sign is posted and visible
  • Provide locking KNOX plugs on fire department hose connections (FDC).
  • Knox Box is installed and contains access keys
  • Remove obstructions from fire doors and maintain to operate properly.
  • Seal unapproved opening in fire-resistance-rated construction.

























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