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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Special Events

Below you will find handouts that have been prepared to assist you in sucessfully setting up your special event so it conforms with fire and life safety regulations. The handouts are not a complete list of all relevant code requirements; therefore, if you have any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (907) 586-5322.

Fire & LIfe Safety Regulations for Special Events, Tradeshows and Exhibitions


Fire & Life Safety requirements for Centennial Hall Convention Center

  Juneau Arts & Culture Center (JACC)




Open Flame Requirements (public events or assembly rated occupancies) A permit must be obtained for use of any open flame (including use of sterno and other food warming devices), and cooking equipment and must be approved in advance by the Fire Marshal's Office. Please contact the Juneau Permit Center,  230 S. Franklin St, 4th Floor (907)586-3365.


Tents and Membrane Structures Requirements





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