City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

Capital City Fire/Rescue

Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal's are responsible for:

All of these components are integral of following Capital City Fire Rescue's mission statement through protection of lives and property with an emphasis on educating the community on all hazards and safety awareness. We strive to protect life and property by preventing emergencies before they happen. Every building in the City & Borough of Juneau where the public works, plays or spends time is subject to annual inspections. Private residences are not.

On the enforcement side, the Fire Marshal's Office works closely with city building inspectors to ensure all new commercial and residential construction within the City & Borough of Juneau meets the established fire code. This includes:

  • Testing and approval of fire protection systems
  • Plans review of new sprinkler systems and fire alarms
  • Inspection and testing of all sprinkler systems
  • Fire safety inspections for Commercial Occupancies and Day Care facilities


Helpful Information for Commercial Buisinesses, Contractors & Vendors
Pre-Inspection Checklist for Commercial Businesses
Checklist for Temporary Food Facilities & Vendors
Fire Apparatus Access, Hydrant & Signage
Fire Watch Notification & Fire Watch Log (pdf)
Knox Box
Knox Plugs for FDC (automatic sprinkler systems) (under construction)
Trade Shows, Exhibitions & Conventions (Centennial Hall)


Fire Code Requirements (in .pdf format)
Below are links to our handouts that address general fire code requirements for various issues. We would like to remind you that since situations and conditions vary, there may be other requirements depending upon the specific circumstances. If you have any questions in regards to a specific situation, please feel free to contact the Fire Marshal's Office.
Tents & Other Membrane Structures
Open Flame (General)
Hot Tar Kettle Operations
Hot Torch Operations
Cutting & Welding (Hot Work)
BBQ & Grills on Decks of Condominiums and Multi Family Residences
Fire Hydrant Clearance


Burn Permits

There are two different types of permits for open burning, depending upon the size and scope of your open burn.

Residential Burn Permit: The residential burn permit is for small backyard type of burns and burn barrels and is available online. To apply for a residential burn permit, click here

Development Burn Permit: The development burn permit is for the burning of uprooted trees, stumps or other natural vegitation in connection with construction of buildings, residential, commercial or industrial development, or the initial clearing of vegitation to enhance property value, etc. There is an application process and an associated fee with a development open burn.

  1. Development Burn Permit General Information (available in .pdf format)
  2. Development Burn Permit Application - Application and acknowledgement forms


Fire Permits

Various activities which may have an impact on public safety, and may require a fire permit. Fire permits are required for the following: Open Burn, Open Flame, Hot Work, High Piled Storage, Covered Malls, Event Tents, Carnivals, Temporary Structures, Flamable & Combustible Liquids, Hazardrous Materials, Private Hydrants, Explosives, Pyrotechnical Displays.


Special Events

Fire & LIfe Safety Regulations for Special Events, Tradeshows and Exhibitions


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