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There are two different types of permits for open burning, depending upon the size and scope of your open burn.

The residential burn permit which is for small backyard type of burns, and is available online.

The development burn permit is for the burning of uprooted trees, stumps or other natural vegitation in connection with construction of buildings, residential, commercial or industrial development, or the initial clearing of vegitation to enhance property value, etc. There is an application process and an associated fee with a development open burn.


Development Open Burn Permit

What is a “Development Burn”?

A development burn is the burning of uprooted or cleared trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation in connection with the construction of buildings; right-of-way; residential, commercial, or industrial development; mining activities; or initial clearing of vegetation to enhance property value. Absolutely no man-made material may be burned.

All persons wanting to proceed with a development burn must complete an Application for Development Burn Permit, detailing the site conditions of the proposed burning and acknowledging an understanding of the conditions under which this activity will be performed. This application must be completed and submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office. After an initial review of the application, payment of fees to the City & Borough of Juneau must be made at the Juneau Permit Center. A site visit by the Fire Marshal or his designee will be conducted prior to granting approval of the Development Burn Permit.  Due to the close proximity of residential areas and Juneau’s temperamental weather conditions, development open burning has become very difficult to perform without incurring public complaints, violations and civil penalties.


Burn Period:  A development burn permit is good for a specific time frame and for a single burn event.  You are required to daily monitor public announcements or postings by the Fire Marshal’s Office on open burning restrictions

Restrictions on Burn Periods: Open burning is prohibited in Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Valley from November 1 through March 31. This smoke hazard areas stretch from Mountainside Estates to the center of the Mendenhall Peninsula and include the airport and Industrial Boulevard areas. No open burning shall be done during the declared period of impaired air quality or during a discontinuance of open burning by the CBJ. Burning conditions and restrictions should be checked each day before burning.

 Burning is prohibited if wind exceeds 15 mph, and during any burn ban. A pile to be burned in the vicinity of an occupied structure may be required to meet more restrictive wind speed conditions.


What can be burned?

All outdoor fires shall be restricted to natural vegetation, such as uprooted or cleared trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural occurring vegetation. Materials must be from the burn site only. Absolutely no man-made material may be burned. Open burning of rubbish or trash is prohibited. All other material is prohibited except what paper is necessary to ignite the burning process.


How large a fire?

Fires shall be limited to natural vegetation piles with outside dimensions of no greater than 20’ x 20’.


Responsibility –

Remember, YOU are responsible for your fire, and the smoke that it creates.

A permit to burn does not relieve the permittee from full responsibility for the fire; including costs of extinguishment should it spread, costs of damage to other property and for the smoke and fly ash produced by the fire. Fines may be assessed for violations or repeated visits to burn sites. The Fire Marshal or his designee may assess a fine if there are violations of the above conditions or if there are repeated visits by fire personnel.The Fire Marshal or his designee may revoke an open burn permit at any time.


Development Burn Permit Checklist

At least one week  prior:

The day before the burn:

  • Notify the Fire Marshal’s Office the day prior to burning.
  • Check the weather conditions or any advisories that would restrict open burning.
  • REVIEW the Standard Conditions and Requirements to make sure you are ready.

Equipment required on site:

  • Excavator and/or dozer to control fire
  • 300 gallon (minimum) water pump/trailer
  • Minimum 1 fan rated at 500 CFM, and pipe to aid combustion


Links for Development Burn Permits

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