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Living with Bears in Juneau - City And Borough of Juneau

No Bears!

Products for Sale

NOTE: These links are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute recommendation or endorsement by CBJ or its employees.

Companies Selling Enclosures or Cans Suitable for Home Use

  • Bearicuda Bins
  • Bear Guard
  • Bear Proof Inc.
  • 55-gallon metal barrels withLocking Lid
    55 gallon barrels work well as a storage container for garbage. On garbage pickup day, however, you would need to transfer bags into a standard plastic garbage can and place those cans on the curb for pickup. Get creative, paint them to match your home, with flowers, whatever!
  • Industrial Plastic Cans with Locking Lid:
    PIG Industrial carries heavy-duty plastic barrels, with screw on lid, that appear to be bear resistant. CBJ has purchased one of these and will be putting it to the test. This container may meet Waste Management requirements and, if so, would serve as both a storage and pick-up container. $57 plus shipping (approximately $15) PIG Industrial Products Link

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