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Living with Bears in Juneau - City And Borough of Juneau

No Bears!

Garbage Storage Ideas

Where may garbage be stored?

At all times, year round, except after 4 a.m. on pickup day:

  • In a strong, fully enclosed structure such as a garage.
  • In a "bear resistant enclosure" - that is, in an enclosure that you can't get into unless you use your hands or tools. If it can be opened by stomping on it, kicking it, running into it with your body, or other similar actions, it isn't bear resistant.

Resources, Ideas, and Links

Things We're Sure DO NOT WORK!

  • Regular Rubber/Plastic Garbage Cans
    These cans are regularly stomped on, chewed, and mauled by bears. They definitely do not meet the definition of "bear resistant!"
  • Plastic Storage Sheds
    The ones designed for gardening equipment and other general purpose storage. Again, these are regularly broken into by bears.


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