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Juneau, Alaska 99801
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Living with Bears in Juneau - City And Borough of Juneau

Garbage Storage Enclosures in Juneau

Strengths:  Secure to ground, seamless construction, directly accessibly to refuse collection, and clip fastening latch. This enclosure has lasted 15 years!

Strengths:  Side view of same enslosure with metal flashing on seams and seamless construction.

Strengths:  Heavy duty hinges and latches, seamless construction and holds six plus cans.

Strengths:  Accessible to refuse collector directly from the street. Seams are flush.
Weaknesses: Needs to be secured to ground. This enclosure has been pushed over by a bear in the past.

Strengths:  Seamless construction, metal flashing on seams, and minimal overhand of roof.

Strengths:  Cement sides and base, steel top, and seamless construction.

Strengths: Built on concrete slab, anchored to ground.
Weaknesses: Needs roof to shed snow/water. Lots of places for bear to grab and pull. Cans visible to bears.

Strengths: Has roof cover to shed rain and snow. Anchored to ground.
Weaknesses: Lots of places for claws to grab and pull. Cans visible to bears.

Strengths: Minimal seams.
Weaknesses: Hinges and latches not heavy duty.

Strengths: Secured to ground, sturdy latch, metal flashing on roof seam.
Weaknesses: Matching siding too flimsy.

Strengths: Secured to ground and stairs.
Weaknesses: Seams too big, claws can grip, sides can be pulled off. Roof has visible seam and may be torn off.

Strengths: All steel, seamless construction.
Weaknesses: Difficult to pull full cans up and out of enclosure. Spring loaded door opened when I bumped side with my hip.

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