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No Bears!

Build Your Own Garbage Storage Unit

These links are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute recommendation or endorsement by CBJ or its employees.

  • If you do not have the luxury of keeping your garbage cans in a garage or shed or other fully-enclosed sturdy structure, here are some ideas for how to build an enclosure for your cans and a pdf print out sample:
    • Minimum of 5/8 inch plywood; 2 x 4 construction; use screws instead of nails.
    • Heavy duty hinges and latches strong enough that they cannot be pried open by claws.
    • No seams that claws can get into (use metal flashing to cover seams).
    • Secured so it can't be tipped.
    • If you can get into it without using your hands-by jumping on it, kicking it, using your shoulders-then it isn't bear resistant.
  • Publication - "Tips on Garbage Storage" (pdf)
    One side contains tips, the other side contains drawings of how to build a bear-resistant container.

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