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Search Tips

When using the Assessor Database please note that the fields are very narrowly defined. The "House Numbers" search, for instance, does not allow any names in the search. Conversely, the "Street Name" search does not allow any numbers in the search. If attempted, in both cases, the database will not return any results. See the example listed below for proper search procedures.

EXAMPLE: If you are searching for the home located at 123 Gerrard Street (hypothetical), you would type "123" in the "House Number>contains" search field, rather than "123 Gerrard" or "123 Gerrard Street". Likewise, if you wanted to use the "Street name>contains" search, you would type "Gerrard" rather than "123 Gerrard" or "123 Gerrard Street".

This logic applies to the other searches as well. If you are searching for a property based on the owner's name, please use the surname only. Using the given name and surname often will not return results since the names may have been entered in a different format (IE--"Tony" may be "Anthony", middle initials may or may not have been included, surname-first and vice-versa, etc.)

For any additional questions, please contact the webmaster via the link below.

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