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Capital City Forum

The Capital City Forum was hosted by the City Assembly as a community brainstorming event aimed at generating ideas on how to make Juneau a better capital city. The Forum began with informational presentations on Juneau’s Comprehensive Plan, Gavel-to-Gavel, the Alaska Committee, and the 50th Anniversary Celebration, followed by two rounds of small group brainstorming. The preliminary round of brainstorming allowed participants to freely make suggestions, while the second round focused on participants identifying top priorities for twelve different categories. The results of both brainstorming sessions were announced to the general audience after each round. The Capital City Forum took place at Centennial Hall on the morning of April 25, 2009. 


Below are some of the presentation materials, links to community resources, and the resulting lists of ideas and priorities. This website will be periodically updated with information pertaining to the issues raised at the forum. Check back often.


April 25, 2009 - Capital City Forum Program/Agenda

Results of the Small Group Session I - Brainstorming Ideas

Results of the Small Group Session II - Category Prioritization List

Post Forum Suggestions Received To Date


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