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City and Borough of Juneau 2004 Budget Survey


The League of Women Voters Juneau, in collaboration with the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly, conducted an opinion survey of Juneau households during February 2004. Once conducted annually, since 1995 the survey has been moved to a two-year cycle to coincide with the Assembly two-year budget process. As in previous years, the survey was intended to collect the opinions of Juneau citizens on issues ranging from existing city services to city administration and financial management. The survey methodology and many of the questions in the past four surveys are identical enabling us to present possible trends over the past six years.

Prior to 2000, the surveys are not available online but are available in print in the reference section of the downtown Library.

League of Women Voters Juneau 2004 Budget Survey Table of Contents and Complete Budget Survey with comparisons to the prior year surveys.

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