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Welcome to Juneau!

Welcome to The Capital City Home Page, the official web site of the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), Alaska. Juneau is located in the Panhandle of Southeast Alaska, 900 air miles north of Seattle and 600 air miles southeast of Anchorage. The current population of Juneau is 32,739. The economy is based on government, tourism, mining, and fishing. Juneau is one of the most beautiful state capitals in the nation.

CBJ Reports and Studies Archive

Assembly Reports and Studies

Title (Click for more information)DatePhysical Location
1964-Overall Economic Development Plan for the Greater Juneau Borough1963Clerk
2012 CBJ Budget Survey2012Clerk 224
2016 Trip Report - Mary Becker to Norway - Denmark re: Energy Projects2016clerk office
Ad Hoc Fisheries Development Committee1986Clerk
Ad hoc Revenue and Finance Task Force Report1986clerks
Alaska Small Business Development Center - Juneau Region - 4th Qtr Report 20142014Clerk
All-Hazards Mitigation Plan 20042004Clerk
Arctic Winter Games 19901990Clerk
Area Wide Transportation Assessment1998Clerk
Biennial Budget: Adopted Fiscal Year 2013, Approved Fiscal Year 2014; Year 1 of the FY13/14 Biennial Budget2012Juneau Public Library: BUDGET
Biennial Budget: Revisesd FY 2014; Year 2 of the FY13/14 Biennial Budget2013Juneau Public Library: BUDGET
Capital School Conversion Study1995Clerk
Case Studies - CBJ Tourism Management Plan2001Clerk
CBJ Report of Hazard Analysis2001Clerk
CBJ Tourism Management Plan2002Clerk
City of Juneau Traffic Code: Ordinance No. 4711962Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
City of Juneau: City Ordinances1950Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Community Response to the CBJ ACT Handicap Access Survey1988Juneau Public Library: HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES
Community Survey on the Effects of Tourism1969Clerk
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 85-861985Juneau Public Library: CAFR
Dimond Park Ice Arena Feasibility Study Summary of Findings2013Clerks
Draft Kensington EA October 2008 with comments2008Clerk
Egan Drive Development Plan: Project Presentation1969Clerk
Feasibility Analysis of a Publicly Owned Refrigerated Warehouse Facility for CBJ1998Clerk
Final Report: Juneau Blue Ribbon Commission on Youth1988Juneau Public Library: HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES
Final Report: Violence Prevention Advisory Committee1988Juneau Public Library: HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES
Home Rule Charter of the CBJ (As amended through October 1988)1988Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Juneau Coastal Management Program Part Two The Comprehensive Plan City and Borough of Juneau1986Clerks 224
Juneau Cold Storage: Demand and Financial Analysis2011Clerk 224
Juneau Cruise Visitor Profile 20052005Clerk
Juneau Economic Development Plan 20152015Clerk
Juneau Fluoride Study Commission2006Clerk
Juneau Hydroelectric Power Crisis Lessons-Learned Commission Report2008Clerk
Juneau Non-Motorized Transportation Plan 20092009Clerk
Juneau Performing Arts Center Feasibility Study2007Clerk
Juneau Senior Needs Survey 20102011Clerk
Juneau Senior Profile - 10 Years Later Analysis of Survey Responses1969Clerk
Juneau Today-Tomorrow: Annual Report 1969-70/Program of Work 1970-711969Juneau Public Library: ECONOMIC STUDIES
Juneau Tourism Community Opinion Survey1998Clerk
Juneau Tourism Community Opinion Survey1969Clerk
Juneau Tourism Community Opinion Survey 20062006Clerk
Juneau Tourism Household Survey Data 19981969Clerk
Juneau Tourism Management Plan2002Clerk
Mining Resource Book1982Juneau Public Library: MINE (AJ)
Partial Transcript of Assembly Retreat1989Juneau Public Library: MINE (AJ)
Policies of the Assembly of the City and Borough of Juneau1985Clerk 224
Policies of the Assembly of the City and Borough of Juneau1984City Clerk
Preliminary Biennial Budget: Proposed FIscal Years 2011 and 2012; year 1 of the FY11/12 Biennial Budget2010Juneau Public Library: BUDGET
Proposed Neighborhood Preservation Program1977Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Public Assembly Facility Study for The CBJ of Juneau, Alaska1978Juneau Public Library: PLANNING
Recommended Economic Development Action Plan1986Juneau Public Library: ECONOMIC STUDIES
Report of Juneau Ad Hoc Noise Abatement Study Committee1969Clerk
Results of the Tourism Community Workshop held at Centennial Hall 19951995Clerk
Sales Tax: Ordinances, Rules and Regulations1965Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Special Assembly Meeting: Resolution 1911 - Juneau Access1997Clerk
Subport Vicinity Revitalization Plan2003Clerk
Survey of Juneau Voters Regarding the 2005 Municipal Election Sales Tax Propositions1969Clerk
Survey on Juneau Visitor Center Needs2001Clerk
Technical Review - CBJ Tourism Management Plan2001Clerk
Ten Years After Status Report on Youth 20032003Clerk
The Golden Resource A Juneau Senior Profile A Reality Response of Senior Life In Juneau1989Clerk
Tidelands: Chapter 3 and 4, Title XIII, Juneau City Code1965Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Tourism Goals and Action Steps Public Hearing Draft1969Clerk
Traffic Code of Juneau: Ordinance No. 3371950Juneau Public Library: LOCAL HISTORY
Transit Development Plan: Choices and Opportunities2002Clerk
Treadwell Ice Arena Task Force Report2014Clerk
Working Paper - CBJ Tourism Management Plan2001Clerk

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