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Juneau International Airport

Sister Cities Committee - Rotating Exhibits at the Airport


In May 2013 the Airport entered into an agreement with Juneau’s Sister Cities Committee to install a series of rotating international-themed exhibits using one of the large glass display boxes inside the secure Departure Lounge. Each exhibit highlights one of Juneau’s sister city relationships and displays art and objects from, and informational materials about, the featured sister city.

Juneau currently enjoys international sister city status with the following cities:

• Chia-Yi City, Taiwan, China
• Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
• Vladivostok, Russia
• Mishan City, Heilonjiang Province, People’s Republic of China

Kalibo, Philippines, a city with nearly 75,000 residents, is slated to become Juneau’s newest sister city. Kalibo serves as a tourism gateway to Boracay Island, famous for its idyllic, white sandy beaches. Tourism is important to Kalibo’s economy, just as it is to Juneau’s.

Many members of the Juneau Filipino community have roots in Kalibo. Formalizing a sister city relationship with Kalibo will enhance strong, exiting ties between the communities. A number of exchanges between the cities have already occurred, including cultural exchanges, business trade, and the provision of humanitarian aid after recent natural disasters in Kalibo.

The Airport is pleased to provide a venue for the colorful, informative displays prepared by the Sisters Cities Committee. The exhibits serve as a reminder of our inter-connectedness with other cultures around the world and are enjoyed by the many passengers who transit through our community’s airport.

Sister Cities Committee members install the Vladivostok exhibit

Sister Cities Committee members install the Vladivostok exhibit.



The Kalibo exhibit add color and interest to the Departure Lounge

The Kalibo exhibit adds color and interest to the Departure Lounge.

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