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Welcome to the Juneau International Airport’s Project Website. This site includes information on a variety of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) at JNU.

What's New?


  • Runway Rehabilitation Project

The pavement and the lighting systems on Runway 8/26 have reached the end of their useful life and require extensive rehabilitation. In addition, the Jordan Creek culvert under the runway is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. USKH Inc. is currently providing design services for the project to be constructed in the summer of 2014. During the construction, several tenants may be disrupted to allow aircraft to use the parallel taxiway as a temporary runway while the main runway is under construction.

90% Design documents have been received from the consultant and are available for review and comment. Use the links below to download the documents. Review comments on the 90% design documents will be accepted until January 10, 2014. Contact Ken Nichols, Airport Engineer, at k_nichols@jnuairport.com for additional information.


Civil Drawings, Sheets 1 through 6
Civil Drawings, Sheets 7 through 11
Civil Drawings, Sheets 12 through 20
Civil Drawings, Sheets 21 through 27
Civil Drawings, Sheets 28 through 43
Civil Drawings, Sheets 44 through 46
Civil Drawings, Sheets E1 through E33


Appendices to Specifications

Engineer’s Design Report: (Appendix A contains the Construction Safety and Phasing Plan):

Engineer's Design Report
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix A
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix B
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix C
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix D, Part 1
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix D, Part 2
Engineer's Design Report, Appendix D, Part 3

  • Airfield Maintenance Facilities Project (aka Snow Removal Equipment Building)

The Schematic Design documents, prepared by ECI/Hyer Architects and a team of design engineers, will be reviewed on January 14 and 15, 2009. Contact Airport Architect Catherine Fritz at (907) 586-0452 or catherine_fritz@ci.juneau.ak.us for additional information.  





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