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Energy Improvements

Renovation of the terminal will allow for substantial improvements in the energy efficiency of the building. The project will increase insulation in the roof and exterior walls and replace lighting with new energy efficient lamps and fixtures. Most notably, a new system of heating and cooling the building will be installed. It transfers geothermal energy from the earth into a liquid filled piping loop that provides heating and cooling to interior spaces through the use of heat pumps. This system will allow the building to replace oil heating fuel with a renewable, clean energy source. While initially more costly to install, the expected energy savings make it worthwhile. The docments linked below provide information about the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system at the airport.

Construction of the Geothermal Field began in May of 2009. Gregory Drilling performed the drilling of the 108 wells at a depth of 360'.  Harri's Plumbing and Heating is currently fabricating the piping that will carry the antifreeze liquid from the field into the airport terminal.  Harri's will then be retrofitting the terminal for the new heat system.

Ground Source Heat Pump Overview

Ground Source Heat Pump Feasibility Study

Ground Source Heat Pump Concept Drawing

Ground Source Heat Pump Concept Specification

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