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A Brief History of Juneau's Airport

As an isolated northern community, Juneau welcomed the exciting new era of aviation. The first airfied in Juneau was constructed for military operations in the 1930's.

Commercial passenger service drove the development of a terminal at the Juneau Municipal Airport that was dedicated in the summer of 1949. This modern facility provided counters for the two major carriers, Pacific Northern and Pan American Airlines. Amenities included a nursery and comfortable waiting area. 

Less than 10 years later, a two-story addition tripled the size of the terminal and added a cafe, offices, and air traffic tower. The airport was now an essential transportation link as Alaska entered statehood, and a popular destination for locals to socialize.

Another addition in 1973 allowed further services to be added, and the building was given a new front face as it was oriented toward Shell Simmons Drive. Automobile parking was relocated to the north side of the building.

By the 1980's, the specific needs of two distinct types of commercial aviation (large commercial jets and small commuter air taxis) shaped the development of another large addtiion to the terminal. The increase of tourism and Juneau's role as a regional hub also contributed to the design of the 1984 addition.

While many modifications have taken place, the terminal continues to have elements of every era of its 60 year history. Juneau is proud to be a gateway to Alaska and values the airport as a critical link to services throughout the region.

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