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Pond Dredging

Float plane pond dredging and related improvements at Juneau International Airport will serve several purposes:

  • Provide material for other Runway Safety Area sub-projects;
  • Reduce weed problems which foul float plane water rudders and attract wildlife;
  • Provide additional float plane mooring space;
  • Enhance accessibility for emergency equipment to the southerly portion of the airport and the adjacent wetlands;
  • Provide better ramps for placing and retrieving float planes.

The design was done in consultation with the Airport Board's Wildlife Hazard Advisory Committee.  Considerable effort was put into retaining vistas from the trail, trees and other features that concern trail users and others.  As of March 2009, the design is 99% completed.  See the latest available draft Sheet Nos. C2, C3 and C4 of the plans for details.  Some design features may change before the plans are ready for bid. 

The dredge may be working on the pond for two seasons beginning late Summer 2009, but it is the intent of the Airport that the pond remain open for floatplane operations throughout construction.



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