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Airport Dike Trail

The Airport Dike Trail Trail is one of the most popular trails in Juneau.  The Airport's Runway Safety Area Improvements project will extend the runway safety area toward the Mendenhall River which will require that the Dike Trail be relocated more than 200 feet to the west.  The floatplane pond access road will also be moved west.  Please see a draft of Plan Sheet No. 31 (large file).  The Mendenhall River is at the top.  The existing trail is shown with dashed lines.  The proposed runway safety area is shown with lines marked "RSA."

Please also see draft Plan Sheet No. 32 (large file).   This shows the area north of the runway and west of the existing Dike Trail access road.  The Mendenhall River is at the top.  This entire area will be filled to provide for expansion of airport facilities.  The Duck Creek channel and floodplain will be relocated, improved and landscaped through this area.  The relocated Dike Trail will cross over the relocated creek on a new weathering steel pedestrian bridge spanning the width of the floodplain.  A new paved parking area for Dike Trail users will be constructed on the south side of the road near the Mendenhall Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The constructed route of the new Dike Trail may be slightly different than shown in the interest of saving trees and other features that hopefully will make the north end of the trail a more natural experience.

All this work will require that the Dike Trail be closed from time to time in the interest of public safety.  The Airport intends that such closures be for as short a time as possible.  Between closures, the Airport intends to provide access over temporary trail across the construction site.  Advance notice of closures, when known, will be provided on the Airport website and at the trailhead.

When the project is completed, the Airport Dike Trail will be longer than before.  Additional trail improvements such as public restrooms and "sitting spots" near the north end are in the planning stages.

Lead Design Consultant for this project is DOWL HKM with subconsultants Moffatt & Nichol and Morris Engineering Group providing specialty design services.  Carson Dorn, Inc., is providing permitting services.


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