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Public Art

The Juneau International Airport has a long history as a public art venue. Currently, nearly one million visitors pass through the Airport terminal each year, making its role as a gateway critically important to the community, region, and state. Artwork adds beauty to the Airport, reflects the culture and character of the community and helps create an inviting atmosphere for the enjoyment of passengers, workers, and visitors. The Airport has recognized these values and embraced the arts, incorporating both visual and performing arts in the terminal. Current Airport art programs include: Music on the Fly; rotating exhibits in the glass display boxes; 1% art acquisitions from Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds, temporary exhibits of loaned art; and special projects such as scout projects.

The terminal renovation projects that occurred between 2008 and 2012 created the need to review Airport art policies. Many of the exhibits were aged and in poor condition. An inventory of art in the terminal was completed in 2008 and a significant quantity of art was removed from the terminal to make way for construction. The newly constructed areas of the terminal provided opportunities for installing new works of art, and reconfiguring and updating existing art displays. However, environmental, space, and security constraints limit the amount and types or art that can be reasonably displayed in the terminal.

The Airport’s interest in a robust advertising program also affects the available areas to display art. The Airport has worked closely with its advertising firm, The Younger Agency, to encourage artist “place based” advertising that positively contributes to the ambiance of the terminal. Given the limited wall and display areas in the terminal, revenue from advertising must be balanced against art displays.






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