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Public Art Panel

The Art Panel began meeting in February, 2008. Public members of the Art Panel for this project are:

Scott Carrlee, Laurie Ferguson Craig, Bruce Kato, Puanani Maunu, and Lorene Palmer

Art Panel meeting Feb 4 2008

Art panel meeting Feb 25 2008

Art panel meeting Mar 3 2008

For general information about the Public Art Program for the Terminal Renovation Project, contact Airport Architect Catherine Fritz at (907) 586-0452.

Public Art

In accordance with the CBJ Public Art Ordinance, the JNU Terminal Renovation Project will dedicate 1% of the cost of construction toward art.  A panel consisting of five members of the public and the Airport Manager defined the parameters for procuring art, and recommend the selection of pieces to the CBJ Assembly.  The JNU International Airport would like to thank the many qualified artists who submitted proposal. 

The artists selected for the JNU Terminal Renovation Project are Janice Criswell and Steve Henrikson.  Their proposal was selected from a well qualified pool of artists from around the state of Alaska.  Their art will be featured in the two story vestibule as you enter into the newly renovated portion of the terminal and be visible from the first and second floors. Visitors arriving to Juneau will be ushered from their arrival gate to the baggage area by flocks of migrating birds constructed of metal and glass in Northwest Coast Native style, reflecting the human and natural history of the Mendenhall Wetlands.

Two birds in flight

The artwork of both Janice and Steve can be found in museums, schools, airports, galleries and private collections throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Janice Criswell and Steve Henrikson, Artists

Janice Criswell and Steve Henrikson



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