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Airport Terminal Renovation - Overview


In 2005, a Master Plan for the renovation of the Airport Terminal was completed. It called for addition and renovation to areas that were constructed after 1984, and replacement of areas that were constructed prior to 1984.

      phasing of terminal renovations                          Terminal Renovation Phases

Phase I added approximately 13,000 s.f. to the terminal, and renovated approximately 40,000 s.f. The work improved passenger services with a new baggage belt and a down-direction escalator. The visitor information services were greatly improved, and the community now has a multi-use meeting room that is available for rent. The renovations increased natural daylighting throughout the building and improved traffic flow on the front curb. The geothermal heat pump system allowed the development of a ice-melt system on the exterior sidewalks, street crosswalk, and taxi waiting area.

The design work to date has been led by Jensen Yorba Lott Architects of Juneau, with aviation expertise from HNTB and engineering design from PND Engineers, Haight & Associates, DOWL, and Murray & Associates. Construction of Phase I occurred through several contracts and included work by North Pacific Erectors, McGraw’s Custom Construction, Admiralty Construction, and an array of subcontractors. The total project cost for Phase I was approximately $22 million.

Conceptual design for Phase II has begun, but funding is not yet available to proceed further. Phase II is also expected to be constructed through several contracts, over time, with the oldest portions of the terminal (the north wing used for commuter airlines) being replaced first.

         north wing replacement sketch

North Wing Replacement Concept - Image by JYL Architects



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