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Design Team

The Juneau firm of Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc. (JYL) Architects is the prime consultant for the Terminal Renovation & Expansion Project. Their team includes a variety of engineers and specialists who, together, have provided the design and construction documents for the project. The airport planning and design expertise is being provided by HNTB, a large architecture and engineering firm with multiple offices in the U.S. Their expertise in aviation planning has been used in other Alaskan airports including Anchorage, Fairbanks and Sitka.

The JYL Team is led by Antonio Yorba, AIA and includes:

  • Barten Drake, HNTB: Aviation designer
  • Chris Gianotti, PE, PND: Structural engineer
  • Ben Haight, PE, Haight & Associates: Electrical engineer
  • Doug Murray, PE: Murray & Associates: Mechanical engineer
  • Jim Rehfeldt, PE: Alaska Energy Consulting: Energy engineer
  • Eshan Mugal, HMS: Cost estimator

Conceptual Design

Once the broad ideas and needs/desires were articulated in the planning phase, the project was ready for Conceptual Design. During this stage, the architects began studying how the building’s design could meet the needs of the client. For a renovation project, this means fitting the desired changes of use into the existing building shell, or adding space onto the building if the existing structure is too small to meet the necessary improvements. Conceptual Design was completed during the Spring/Summer of 2007.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design brings the concept forward in sufficient detail to allow all the expected impacts and issues of the design to be understood. The size of the project, specific needs of areas to be remodeled or built new, and the extent of interior finishes to be replaced are all part of the schematic design of a renovation project. The engineering disciplines (electrical, mechanical, and structural) consider the existing building conditions and the Owner’s needs to determine how to accomplish the desired concept. Goals for energy efficiency are typically set during this phase of design.

A Schematic Design review of the Terminal Renovation & Expansion project was held on September 27, 2007. The Design Team presented drawings and described the systems included in the renovation and expansion project. The links below include Schematic Drawings and reports that describe the scope of the Schematic Design, followed with an Appendix of supplemental information including the technical drawings. The meeting agenda and summary notes are linked, as well.


Design Development

By the end of “DD” the design was fully developed with detailed understanding of the scope of the work. This phase included drawings and partially developed specifications that describe the extent of construction work needed and the character of each space. This was the last formalized phase of design where changes in design scope could be reasonably accommodated without significant impact to budget or schedule.

The DD budget for renovation and expansion is approximately $11.5 million construction cost. The DD phase was completed in mid-September, 2008. A public review meeting was held at the completion of Design Development.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents are the technical drawings and specifications that describe how the project is to be constructed. In the traditional public procurement model, Construction Documents thoroughly explain the project in both graphic line drawings and written text. They specify all materials and products to be used. However, the means and methods by which the components are to be assembled are not drawn or described – these decisions of how to construct the project are left to the construction contractor. Please refer to the Construction section of this website for additional information about this phase of the Terminal Renovation Project.

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