City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

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Juneau International Airport

Pilot Information

CAUTION: The information listed below is for planning purposes only. Pilots should contact the Flight Service Station or current FAA publications for official information.


  • Juneau International (JNU) (PAJN)
  • Seven miles northwest of city center.
  • N58 21.30' W13434.58'
  • Fuel: 100LL, Jet A.
  • Runway: 8456 X 150 asphalt, grooved. 08-26.

Airport Remarks:
Attended continuously. Landing fee. ARFF Index C (E available upon request). Wildlife and birds on and in vicinity of airport. Increased helicopter/light aircraft activity April 15 - October 1 entire length on Gastineau Channel and within 5 miles of airport. Paragliding activity three miles north of airport in the vicinity of Thunder Mountain and over Gastineau Channel near downtown April 15 - October 1 at 6,000' and below. Airframe/powerplant service for single/twin propeller engine aircraft turbine and avionics. Fuel available through airport services on UNICOM or 907-789-0055 or 907-789-5622. Runway 08 right traffic. Mountainous background restricts controllers visibility of approach to Runway 26. TPA 1500'AGL for large turbine aircraft, 1000'AGL for fixed wing aircraft, and 500'AGL for helicopters. LDIN light Runway 08. HIRL/ALS/SFL/RAIL operates on frequency 118.7 or 122.2. MALSR Runway 08. VASI Runway 26 usable only with 2 NM. Customs available.

Weather Data Sources: TWEB 114.0 and 332. Call 907-789-1551

Communications: (CTAF 118.7) (UNICOM 122.95) (ATIS 135.2)

FAA Mobile

Radio: 278.3 118.7

Juneau Downtown Seaplane: (CTAF 123.05)

Juneau Downtown RCO: 122.15 (Juneau FSS)

Anchorage Center, Approach/Departure Control: 133.9

Tower: 278.3 118.7

Ground Control: 121.9

Flight Service Station: RCO 122.2; When Tower is Closed CTAF 118.7
                                      Toll Free (866) 297-2236 or (907) 789-7380

National Guard Ops: 124.65

Radio Aids to Navigation: (VOT 111.0)
COGHLAN ISLAND NDB(HWZ) CGL 212 N5821.56' W13441.96'

Trip planner for air travellers:  Airports En Route

Juneau International Seaplane: (JNU) (PAJN)
Seven miles northwest of city center.
N58 21.30' W13434.58'

Fuel: 80, 100LL, Jet A

Waterway: 08W-26W

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