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New Site Design

The City and Borough of Juneau website is going through another design upgrade. The new format has a larger footprint (more space for content on each page), improved menu systems so that items are easier to find and get back to later, and a simplified layout so that each page is easier to read and understand. Browse the topics below for additional information regarding the new changes

Larger Footprint

The maximum width of our pages is governed by Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. These guidelines recently changed to an 800 pixel format, up from the previous 640 pixel format. What this means is that all of our web pages are now wider, allowing for more content areas. You will notice that now many of our pages will have multiple columns and the columns will be available for a variety of content options.

Improved Menus

The menu system on our website has been upgraded as well. There are now two drop-down lists that appear at the top of each page (Departments and Quick Links) which will allow you to navigate between departments and specific high-use areas without the need to return to the homepage. Likewise, the large CBJ logo in the photo banner at the top of each page is clickable and will take you back to the homepage.

In addition, the menus on each of the specific department sites will be simplified for easier reading and mouse-over identification.

Simplified Layout

The new layout of the page has been streamlined (less buttons at the top of each page, more convenient drop-down lists, and simplified menus) so that the pages are easier to read and easier to use. Likewise, the pages are all "print ready", meaning that when you print a page from the city website, the page is custom formatted specifically for printing. The menus and top graphics are omitted and the content is rearranged so that it fits properly on the printed page. The CBJ logo and contact information also appears at the top of the first printed page.

Rollout of New Design

The rollout of the new design will be taking place over the next few months. The initial phase included the "top tier" pages (the homepage and those informational pages linked from the homepage, the City Assembly, the Manager's Office, and some others). In the coming weeks, the individual departments will likewise be converted over to the new format. None of the site will be "down" for this conversion at any time. The older format pages will continue to function as normal until they are replaced with the new format. All of your bookmarks will continue to direct you to the appropriate content.

Your patience and consideration during this period of conversion will be greatly appreciated as we continue to improve the functionality of this site.

For comments, questions or concerns, contact the site administrator

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